I’m Done With Facebook

Living abroad in the late 90’s off-and-on through 2004, I fell in love¬†with early social media like Friendster and even early Facebook. It was a way to wave to my posse, to remind myself that my fellow diasporists of shared misspent youths still remembered me, and vice versa. And when feeling a little lonely, sometimes something like a digital wave was just enough.

But now at the end of 2016, I just can’t do Facebook anymore.

I don’t like the way I carry it with me throughout the day. It’s not the political arguing, it’s just the sense of suffocating encapsulation, the overwhelming banality of so much of it, and the disproportionate headspace it takes up. I also feel more greedy about how much of myself I want to give (without even a tax write-off) to Zucky.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a LOT I’ll miss. So many dear friends, family, and deadly smart people inhabit my feed, but I’ll have to find other ways to find you. And that’s probably better.

I plan to spend my 2017 doing work with focus and clarity sans Facebook: running a fantastic organization, writing, thinking, and loving my beloved friends and family. Maybe I’ll make a clean start on Facebook at some point in the future, but in the meantime, or post December 31, you can find me on Twitter (for now): @rddy. Or hey, just send me an email or give me a call, voice is a nice way to communicate btwn. humans. See ya on the flipside!

nuuklang@gmail. com, +1 347 836 1818